Become Genius !

Electric driving is on the brink of breaking through. This breakthrough can only become reality when:

  • The vehicles need to meet the functional needs of the user and provide in a sufficient driving range.
  • They have the right prize.
  • They are easily available so they can fulfill the market demands.

Genius Lease focusses on realistic solutions based on this kind of vehicles.

For the Genius Lease concept VitaeMobility only works with vehicles and brands who are based on the previous terms.

Today you become Genius with Tesla Model 3

In 3 steps:

1. Define the Tesla model 3 that suits you.

2. Use this information to get your quote.

3. Agree on the Quotation and the terms and conditions. Pay your deposit as a confirmation to your reservation/order of your Genius Lease


Become Genius !

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