Genius Lease


Drive an electric car carefree.


Share the experience of driving with your favorite electric car !


The cheapest and most complete way to drive electrically.

Genius Lease allows you to drive the Tesla Model 3 of your choice, for a fixed monthly fee over a period of 48 to 60 months.

It’s an operational lease contract with financing, residual value management, roadside assistance, maintenance and tires included. But it doesn’t stop there.

Genius Lease includes extra services such as as connected home charger, public charting with your own charging card and charting at the Tesla Supercharger locations, billed through your leasing invoice.

Genius Lease offers you extra mobility with the electric scooter that is fitted in the trunk. You can easily bridge the distance between your parking and/or loading place and your final destination.

Genius Lease makes your monthly rental fee cheaper by sharing your car, your favorite location and your loading capacity. Your share in this profit is deducted on your monthly lease fee.

Today, Genius Lease only comes in business lease. Private lease coming soon.

Genius Lease

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