Your benefits - Your profit

You instantly become enthusiastic driving your Tesla Model 3. That is a feeling you want to share with your friends and at the sites you love! At VitaeMobility we think this is very important. That's why your Genius Lease offers you the opportunity tot drive a top electric car even cheaper.

Share with your friends & acquaintances

The days you don’t use your Tesla Model 3, Genius Lease offers you the chance to share your car with friends and acquaintances.

They pay Genius Lease a market-based rental price while they enjoy driving your Tesla Model 3.

That's how you can share the awesome feeling of electric driving and save up to 25 % on your monthly leasing fee.

Want to find out how it works an how you can introduce someone? COMING SOON

Share you favorite spots

Everyone has a favorite spot they would like to share with other EV-Drivers. The restaurant you frequently visit, your favorite gym, the places you like to go shopping from time to time or other places you enjoy visiting.

Lots of these places have none or few charging points. And you can change that with your Genius Lease. Put us in contact with that location and we will provide a public charging-point and promote it as well.

This makes electric driving easier, not only for you but for all other EV-drivers. And you will receive a discount on your monthly lease fee.

Want to find out how it works and how  to introduce new charging locations ?

Share your charging capacity

With your Tesla Model 3 you also receive a connected charging point that can be used in the near future to lower your charging fee.


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